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State of the Art Glazing Products and Technology

Boasting state-of-the-art equipment, our Glazing Division practices lean management to maximize production capacity and quality. Our unitized glazing systems are fabricated off-site in a controlled environment. Contact us to learn more about our facilities and capabilities.

Key products include the CMC Unitized Curtainwall System, Hybrid Unitized Curtainwall, and the more traditional HP Stick System.

Our in-house engineering and designer teams work together to customize glazing solutions to support any project scope or job.

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CMC Glazing Products

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CMC offers all types of commercial glass.

→ Projects of Any Scale and Design Need
→ Glass Doors, Skylights & Canopies
→ Commercial Terrace Doors & Windows
→ Sealed Unit and Single Pane Glass
→ Aluminum Window Storefronts
→ Aluminum Curtainwall
→ Retrofits
→ Customer Retail Units (CRU)
→ Interior Office Glazing / Improvements
→ Mixed Residential
→ Office Conversions
→ Commercial Offices

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Unparalleled Thermal Performance

CMC Glazing Systems meets or exceed NECB requirements in product testing.

Modeled Thermal Simulation of our Hybrid Unitized System

Using double-pane glass the U-factor analysis in thermal testing meets and exceed NECB requirements. Testing results show a U-factor value of 1.73 W/m2.K (surpassing the NECB 2022 requirements).

Modeled Thermal Simulation of our HP Stick System

Screw added in the simulation. All gaskets are EPDM. Using double-pane glass. Testing results show a U-factor value of 1.69 W/m2 surpassing the NECB 2022 requirements.

Cutting Edge Facilities

The CMC Glazing plant is based in Calgary, Alberta.

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