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Rick Wolff

Operations Manager – Glazing Division

Rick has been involved with construction for over 40 years! His training in glazing (primarily in commercial high rises) started in Toronto, Ontario in the mid-80s. From Toronto, his career ended up overseas as an expat for various international curtain wall companies.

Over time, he has developed hands-on skills and experience in project management, as well as design and operations.
He was personally involved in curtain wall projects, with budgets ranging from 3 million USD to over 100 million USD in value over the last 35 years. That project experience evolved from working in various countries over his expatriate years China, the Philippines, Australia, the USA and the Emirates.

Rick’s experience includes the startup of several manufacturing facilities and engineering offices in the Philippines, China, and Alberta.  Major Alberta projects in the last 10 years include The Edmonton and Marriot Tower located in Edmonton’s Ice District, and the West Village twin towers in Calgary.

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