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Christine Loewen

General Manager

Christine, an integral part of CMC for over 33 years, stands as a testament to commitment and evolution within a family business. Her journey with CMC began unexpectedly, as she never envisioned working alongside her family. However, this path has proven to be both fulfilling and transformative. Christine’s role within the company has evolved significantly over the years, yet the core values she upholds remain steadfast. These include a strong emphasis on professionalism, robust business ethics, and the importance of active listening. She believes in learning from collective mistakes and celebrating shared successes, principles that have guided her leadership style. Christine’s long tenure at CMC has not only given her a deep understanding of the company’s inner workings but also an appreciation for the unique dynamics of a family-run enterprise.

In her current role, Christine oversees all key operations of the CMC group of companies, a responsibility that encompasses finance, staffing, and more. This comprehensive oversight reflects her broad expertise and ability to manage diverse aspects of the business effectively. A significant milestone in her career has been witnessing and contributing to CMC’s growth from a personal venture to a robust enterprise. She attributes this success to having the right people at the right time, coupled with unwavering support and determination to overcome challenges. Christine is particularly excited about the wide range of projects CMC undertakes, especially those involving new materials and complex designs. Her enthusiasm is driven by the joy of seeing these intricate designs come to life. Looking forward, she envisions a future for CMC that is rich in innovation and cutting-edge technology. Her leadership and vision continue to be vital in steering CMC towards new horizons, underpinned by a culture of mutual learning and respect.

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