Custom Metal Contracting Ltd.
Metal Plate Panels

The Custom Metal AP/SP Panel System is a pressure equalized rain screen system, which offers a high degree of design flexibility. It is most commonly provided in aluminum plate but can also be offered in steel, stainless steel, zinc, porcelain enamel, titanium or copper.

In aluminum, the panels are precision manufactured usually from .100, .080 thickness, which is off line coated and .063 thick with comes with a coil coated paint finish. Corners can either be welded or notched and tightly butted depending on the material thickness and paint finish.

Ease of installation makes this system especially suitable for fast track construction projects. Various paint finishes can be provided from the Kynars to the aliphatic urethanes.

While visually not as flat as systems manufactured from ACM, potential for oil-canning is reduced by providing stiffeners to the rear of the panels and by limiting the panel overall sizes.

Panels are hung from the top and have guide clips at the base to accommodate panel movements due to thermal expansion and contraction and building movement.

This system is lightweight but very strong and offers long range overall performance with little or no maintenance.